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Artist is a parody. A grotesque imitation. A paroxysmal and ironic reworking of some contemporary art and the way this is promoted. 

Project Artist is a fake reality inspired by the real one. Reality made up of the most highly esteemed artists, superlatives and revolutionaries, strictly fake: the HCIA (Hyper Conceptual Interstellar Artist). Their names and the images of their works are placed in reworked graphic-pages reproductions from the websites of the most important galleries, museums, foundations, biennials, fair, auction house, magazine. They are intermixed with the real famous and well paid great artists of contemporary art. Even the HCIA biographies as well as critical texts are mocking parodies created by exacerbating the way art criticism is made. However, the context is sufficiently good to generate a doubt that this all may be true.

In project Artist the parodied subject is that part of the art world that revolves around the "conceptualized pretext". It is about something that can arouse curiosity, for its weirdness and strangeness, for the traditional elements involved, for being provocative or other compelling reasons, but that is fundamentally unfounded. It is something not based on solid research, a project that has recognizable and significant meaning, an interesting vision, a discovery or real novelty. Sometimes it feels like being in front of a advertising endeavor, a spectacular sales operation covered by a dense network of slogans and functional critical models.

Art history is full of false, perfect false, and false resold even to museums. However the false that project Artist points to is a more subtle one. It is essentially that false critical fabrication which assigns significant meaning to a negligible artistic production. Items designed for the market, even with the complicity of the artists themselves, are enabled as art objects with a definition, indeed more noble, of "conceptual work", for a necessary and forced critical justification. That is the possibility of bluffing to assign value. 

Influential people that make up the art world, leading the major galleries, museums, auction houses and art publications, decide which works are to be celebrated. Along with precious works, a marginal works are also exalted, essentially with the aim of transforming them into commercial value. These people can ensure, through operations, that an art object is given high credit and high economic value. Many of these objects quickly reach high prices, some, arbitrarily defined masterpieces, reach astronomical digits. Objects that truly have no value except that acquired through the market which introduces them, which is fueled by wealthy people who primarily buy to acquire a status. This happens because a percentage of this type of operations is tolerated by a self-credited system. The result is a manipulated art unit, contaminated by foreign bodies which reduce quality and credibility.

Artist is an ironic antibody in contrast to foreign bodies to which it paradoxically belongs. In fact it can't be classified as a work of art, but rather as a parody placed in the body of art to respond to the need to distinguish between true and false who lives in it.