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I was unhappy with how things were going for me, so I decided to create a work made up of doodles.

I was living in New York, but my English was still poor.   I therefore decided to include some English phrases in the work so that I could practice and improve my language skills.

However, I did not believe that a work based on such frivolous premises would be welcomed by an art market that prefers concepts that are profound. Cogent. Ideally, concepts that address social issues. That make you think.

I struggled for a few days, but no social issue really caught my interest. Nor any profound concept. But I did come up with something. A work built on the experience of failure. A personal failure, in fact. This work was Doodleit Picture.

It would also include doodles and phrases in English. Satisfied with the way I had wonderfully disguised the original idea, I even decided to redouble my efforts, creating a second work that established a critical dialogue with the first: Doodleit Tablet.

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The Project Doodleit consists of Doodleit Picture and Doodleit Tablet. Two sets of works that look at the same perspective from different viewpoints.

Doodleit Picture is the original work. A work that aims to shed light on a dark area. A serious thing. 

Doodleit Tablet is a parodistic ramification. A complete caricature extravaganza. A joke.

The original work, enigmatic, is well-suited to silence and reflection. 

The farcical offshoot plays against the noise of advertising hype. Supported by a promotional video and additional gadgets.