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Doodleit Tablet comes from the pleasure of defusing the failure of a work of art. The act of minimizing takes on the guise of a parody. The parodied object is the Doodleit Picture work. Focused in its central element: the gestural design and its implications.

In Doodleit Picture, the text of a failed life experience is literally transcribed onto the surface of a canvas. The gestural design is then applied to plexiglass tablets and overlaid on the canvas. This is composed of a well-structured graphic solution. Not immediately decipherable. It requires collective concentration in order to decode it. Above all, in the context of the work takes on the liberating feeling of overcoming the sense of affliction of the failure through the practice of "reading through".

This practice consists of a mental exercise that stimulates reflection. It pushes one to go beyond the surface. It solicits an analysis of the underlying signs. The significant ones. It exhorts to read, through the chaos of the lines, the text of the camouflaged failure.

The practice of "reading through" is an an experience proposed not only on a merely symbolic level, but also as a starting point for useful reflection on a plane of reality. An appealing duplicity aimed at re-invoking the failure in constructive terms. That is, the ability of turning it into a healthy experience, as suggested by the text that accompanies the Doodleit Picture. Yet the statement also presents a concern that implicitly encloses the weight of the deep-seated failure. Like a heavy burden that has not been sublimated. Moreover, the declared practice of "reading through" is appreciable for its inventiveness, but transpires a subtle presumption that may lead to doubt. It makes one think of a work that has been devised in order to seduce.

It's also important to recognize that Doodleit Picture is a physical object which can have meanings attributed to it, thanks to the contemporary art context that it is placed in. In an artwork these meanings can be relevant, interesting, sometimes even obscure ones or those extraneous to the work. However, regardless of their depth, always relevant to the author who conceived them, such meanings can be discretely exploited by concerned authoritative figures that are impervious to disenchanted glances, and call for a subordinate approach so that the work is understood with its entire conceptual background. Its mystery and its haughtiness. It is therefore quite plausible that the gestural design of Doodleit Picture is a graphic solution done well. Nothing more. The practice of "reading through" like a whimsical addition. An unnecessary fantasy. A mere forcing.


Based on these reflections, the conceptual claim of Doodleit Picture is groundless. A failure.

The peculiarity of a work based on the experience of failure, which theorizes surpassing such failure but at the same time failing, urges something else. 

Doodleit Tablet is a hyperbole that does not indicate the path to liberation. At most, it can bring a carefree smile.

Doodleit Tablet is a successful device. Infinitely performing. Doodleit Tablet consists of a wide range of models. Each one is specific to a certain category of failure to be remedied. Each category is marked by a special removable gestural design. In order to activate the automatic purification mechanism